Consulting Kindsentführung


(Consulting for the parent who abducted the child)


Mothers or fathers who abducted their child(ren) are labeled as criminals. Often they are a very brave parent who protected their child from abuse. For them abduction was the only solution to bring a  child into safety.


Have you abducted your child for its safety and need advice what to do next:? Did you return to homeland and the authorities label you for your "crime"? Do you consider abducting you child and need advice how to avoid such a bigstep? Whatever your situation is, let's find a solution in the highest interest of your child. The situation can be change, let's start changing your thinking, attitude and believes. Know that you can say "non"  and don't have to accept the way things are or the authorities like it to be. Ensure the safety of your child in a positive and effective way.


Having abducted my own child, lived 8 years in a hidding place and therefore I had to trust my instinct to survive. I had the chance to learn about life and our ability to turn things around.. Having had to deal with all level off authorities I learned about the law, different services and organizations. Lawyers often do not fully undterstand the situation. You need advice,  help with dealing with the authorities or lawyers, refferals or help in gaining confidence in yourself and your environment, I will be honored to be here for you.


Children are our tresors and as mother and father it   is our duty to protect them from harm. It is the children's right to be and feel save.They give us the power to move the mountains. So let's do it!


Act always in the best interest of the child/ren

Consulting Kindsentführung (Deutsch / Français / Espanol)

 (Consulting for the parent who abducted the child)

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